43° Parallelo - New safety and sanitation procedures against Covid-19

In order to be able to respond to the needs for prevention of infection from Covid-19, we have established new procedures for boarding and sanitizing boats, so that we can allow our customers to travel in complete safety.

Among the most important news, our new App, 43 ° Parallelo, which will allow our customers to discover their boat even before arriving at our base, and to carry out check-in independently.

The new sanitization procedure can be summarized in 5 stages:

phase 1:
  • Complete indoor sanitation by nebulization of a certified, low environmental impact product, based on hydrogen peroxide.
phase 2:
  • Indoor cleanings with certified products based on alcohol. Deck cleanings and sanitation.
phase 3:
  • Cleanings and sanitation of kitchen equipment. Supply of disposable mattress covers and pillow cases, single sealed package bed linen sets.
phase 4:
  • Second complete indoor sanitation, after the cleanings and maintenance works.
phase 5: 
  • Customer boarding and autonomous check-in operation (without operator on board and with assistance from the dock) via the 43° Parallelo App.


To find out more about our new sanitization and boarding procedures, download our complete PDF procedures at the link below.