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Charter evolves.

Some charter companies focus on investments and improve their boats.

Scarlino - The crisis is fought by investing. The increase in the quality of the product offered often manages to neutralize or at least contain the effects of economic crises. This is a concept that some charter companies are putting into practice. An example comes 43 ° Parallelo, a company based in Marina di Scarlino, in Tuscany.

This was the first charter company to equip almost 50% of the boats in its fleet of photovoltaic solar panels. "We have seen that our customers increasingly choose to stay at bay - says Maria Grazia Zuliani, one of the owners of the 43rd Parallel - so we equipped the boats with photovoltaic systems to give greater autonomy to the batteries". Also at the 43rd Parallel, we find a second novelty, the wifi on the boat, another innovation aimed at improving the comfort on board.  READ MORE