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The Italian Charter lands in China.

A delegation of Italian charter companies will participate in the Shanghai show. 43° Parallelo, North Sardinia Sail and Spartivento, the companies that for the first time come together to offer their fleets to the Chinese public. An audience made up of tens of millions of people who are maturing an interest in sailing holidays, an interest that our entrepreneurs want to combine with the love of the Chinese for Italy.

The three companies in question represent the most beautiful places of our peninsula (43° Parallelo and North Sardinia Sail la Toscana, the latter has a large fleet in Sardinia based in Cala dei Sardi in the Balearic and Caribbean, and Sicily where Spativento has its base and fleet that can easily reach both the Aeolian and the Egadi, also Spartivento has a base in the Caribbean.) Read More